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H2 Hybrid – Fuel Cell Automotive Trainer (FCAT-30)

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The H2Hybrid Fuel Cell Automotive Trainer is the ultimate tool for exploring science and engineering concepts through hands-on activities with a working fuel cell car.  An impressive array of hardware, software, and digital curricular materials allow for hours of activities for students of everything from high school vocational-technical up through college-level engineering.

  • Engineer new solutions for optimization of car’s performance
  • Examine the three fields of energy management
  • Comprehend hybrid propulsion technology and work to minimize environmental impacts
  • Learn about data acquisition and discover how to manipulate, analyze and interpret graphs and data gathered from the car on the road and on the bench
  • Understand the expected performance of a fuel cell system and how to get to optimum operation
  • Explore the difference between expected performance and experimental results


The supplied Hydrostik PRO cartridge is rechargeable! We are shipping it empty though. For recharging, you can get a source of hydrogen, eg. the Hydrofill PRO.

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